Baltimore Riots

Baltimore Exclusive: Detained Journalist and Eyewitness Give Firsthand Account

The back story:

Ford Fischer is the executive producer of News2share, co-founded with eyewitness Trey Yingst. The pair traveled to Baltimore to cover protests and riots in the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death while in custody of six Baltimore police officers.

At 10:08pm on May 2nd, Fischer began shooting footage of officers clearing Baltimore’s streets after curfew. Shortly after, one officer confronted Fischer, who had his press credentials in full view. Approaching officers demanded Fischer “back up” and “give it a rest.” Upon recognizing his credentials, one officer stated “He is credentialed media.” Approaching from behind, another officer brought Fischer to the ground, stating “I don’t care, he’s not going to…” The audio drops off while Fischer’s camera was shut down to the journalist being taken down on concrete. Fischer was handcuffed and told he was violating curfew.

Trey Yingst then began filming. Asking what charges Fischer was facing, Yingst was twice told it was a curfew violation, despite Fisher’s right to cover the scenes as credentialed media.

Upon realizing credentialed media are exempt from curfew violations, the officers quickly change their charge to disorderly conduct carrying a $500 fine and a potential upcoming trial.

Fischer and Yingst spoke with Truth In Media to give a full account of the night. Fischer, from a legal standpoint, cannot at this time provide his full opinion due to the coming court date. What initially began as a casual phone conversation resulted an agreement to record both Fischer and Yingst’s firsthand account:

Videos from Baltimore courtesy News2share:

Protesters March for Freddie Gray

Published on Apr 24, 2015
Police in Baltimore are accused of killing a 25-year-old following an arrest earlier this week. The man, Freddie Gray, died shortly after being taken into custody from a severed spine. Kevin Davis, the deputy police commissioner, said Friday that Gray should have received medical attention at the spot of his arrest. Video shows Gray screaming for help as officers carried him to the van. Today protesters assembled in Baltimore to voice their opinions and call for the arrest of the officers involved. While there were less than 100 protesters in this gathering, they were able to disrupt and shut down several Baltimore highways. Thousands are expected to show up on Saturday. Follow us on twitter @news_2_share for the latest from the protests schedule for Saturday.

Baltimore Rioters Destroy Public Property, Loot Businesses

Published on Apr 25, 2015

See scenes from last night:…
Following what originated as a large but mostly peaceful protest over the death of Freddie Gray, dozens of protesters continued on a separate riot. They used bricks from the ground as well as other heavy objects such as benches to break through glass buildings. In some cases, they simply wanted to cause damage to cars and other objects; in others, they entered and stole items ranging from phones to soda and chips.Victims in the video included a McDonalds and a 7-Eleven.

Baltimore Protest Turns Violent

Published on Apr 25, 2015
Protest of the death of Freddie Gray turns violent. When the demonstration took to the streets, the violence escalates. A running mob looking for trouble finds it eventually.

Baltimore Residents Rob Liquor Store, Taunt Police

Published on Apr 28, 2015
Following a massive riot over the death of Freddie Grey, protesters set cars on fire in the streets of Baltimore. The protesters can be seen ducking down upon hearing what may be gunfire. One drives a car through a fire and directly towards police before making a U-turn. Trey Yingst also captures an exclusive closeup and indoor look at the looters of a Baltimore liquor store.

Baltimore Police Fire Smoke Grenades, Protesters Throw Fireworks

Published on Apr 28, 2015
After a long weekend of unrest in the city of Baltimore, the National Guard has been deployed to help restore order. Tonight a small clash between police and protesters was caught on camera just after the 10 o’clock curfew that the city set for residents. Things used in riot control included, tear gas, pepper balls, paint balls, and other non-lethal items.