Ron and Rand Paul

Beer and Politics: Josh Cook talks with Scott Horton about ISIS and Rand Paul

On this week’s Beer and Politics, Josh Cook interviews Scott Horton, the host of the popular Scott Horton Show on AntiWar radio. Scott discusses with Cook his thoughts on ISIS, foreign policy, and the Rand Paul campaign.

Scott shared his take on Sen. Rand Paul’s campaign with Cook and offered some constructive criticism.

“Right now Rand Paul rhetorically could be slapping the hell out of all these guys- ‘hey Lindsey Graham you’re on Iran’s side in Iraq but you’re on Al-Qaeda‘s side in Syria. Why don’t you make up your mind pal?’ And let’s hear him sputter his way out of that,” said Horton.

Horton continued, “If Rand would just read his father’s articles, roll up his sleeves and get out there and fight, he could win. What he can’t win at is the flip-flop pandering contest…”

Horton talked about ISIS and his thoughts on their ultimate fate.

So find a comfortable chair, crack open a cold one, light up your favorite cigar, and enjoy the show.

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