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Ben Swann on Freethought Radio with Alex Fidel

The interview

Why Alex Fidel supports the Truth In Media Project

My name is Alex Fidel of I support Ben Swann’s Truth in Media Project because the time to take back our liberty is now and putting the truth in peoples’ laps is key to get them to act. The only way to do that is to reach outward rather than talking amongst ourselves, so he can bridge people over from the mainstream and show them the truth and break down the bubble of a reality that the media has created for them to perpetuate the lies of the state, corporations, and central banks.

Ben clearly sets up a definite contrast between truth & the mainstream media’s lies. That does a very powerful thing, because a person’s first view of Reality Check or Full Disclosure will hit them, and then when they go back to the mainstream media, they may never want to watch it again with such contrast. Whether it be folks like me, the stations I’m on (locally, KKSM which contrasts against mainstream music radio or LRN.FM which goes nationally against mainstream statist political talk stations), various independent podcasts/radio stations & videocasts/TV stations (Adam Kokesh, Cindy Sheehan, Lew Rockwell, Free Talk Live, School Sucks & many more awesome diverse shows on LRN, WeAreChange, NextNewsNetwork, RT, Press TV, The Ron Paul Channel), and many, many others, we’re all a part of this big alternative media push, but not all of us can have as big of an outward reach as Ben Swann, especially with his professional old-school style investigative truth-telling journalism that is so lacking. He takes on the ‘professionals’ at their own game. There are a lot of people like him in these independent affiliates like Fox 19, like the reporter here in San Diego that is bringing light to Michael Hastings, but Ben has a special talent and drive to seek truth as well as break it down in a manner that makes it easy for the average person to understand and open up their parameters to issues they may not have even thought of like the morality of war, the unintended consequences of our nonsensical foreign policy (like funding al Qaeda), the War on Drugs, government subsidies to big agra farms & Monsanto, Agenda 21, civil liberties, red light cameras, and more. Once people are interested in issues beyond the superficial limited left/right spectrum that the mainstream forces down their throat, liberty will rise. And liberty is rising.

Support Ben Swann’s Truth in Media project at and… It’s about more than money. Show people the project even after the Kickstarter expires. The point is to show the contrast between actual truth-telling journalism and the superficial mainstream media so that people can see the contrast and then drop their viewership from these mainstream media organizations.

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