Ben Swann Talks with Ron Paul: Is Alternative Media Losing Momentum?

In a recent video for Voices of Liberty, former Texas Congressman Dr. Ron Paul interviewed investigative Journalist Ben Swann about bias in the media, the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and about the United States’ foreign policy.

Given the current situation with ISIS in the Middle East, Paul started by asking how it differed from the situation in the Middle East one year ago, when the U.S. Government was pushing to go to war with Syria.

A year ago, our efforts to tone down the war and to not expand the war were doing quite well,” said Paul. “But here, just recently, with some of the killings, and the advance, and the description of ISIS, all of a sudden there’s a tremendous shift.”

Swann pointed out that, “A year ago the American public overwhelmingly rejected that idea, and that was an enormous victory for the alternative media and for new media, because the old media continued to respond the same way they always have.”

Swann said that the images ISIS has released of their militants “cutting off journalists’ heads” and “slaughtering Christians in Iraq and Syria,” has created a sense of fear among Americans.

What’s different here, is that with ISIS, there is this fear, the propaganda of fear, that was much more and is much more successful than what we saw in Syria,” said Swann. “Because, at the end of the day, regardless of where Americans fell on the issue of Syria, virtually no one was afraid of Assad over here.

People have these archetypes, I think, built into their minds,” said Swann, who went on to describe the tendencies people have to fall back and to say, “Okay, we shouldn’t be involved everywhere in the world, but this time, and on this occasion, now we’ve got to go back and we’ve got to do something again.”

Swann pointed out that the mainstream media does not discourage Americans from these tendencies, due to the fact that they are operating under a left/right paradigm.

On the left, or on the right, it doesn’t matter where media pretends to fall, they’re all pushing for the same thing: Intervention.”

When Paul asked Ben Swann about what projects he was working on, and what reports he was trying to expose, Swann discussed the newest episode of Truth in Media.

Swann explained that the episode was about Cannabis and CBD Oil, and the focus was on “explaining to people, not just what it is, but here’s the real threat that it faces in our government’s system.”

I think people are going to be very surprised to see, while government is saying one thing, their actions on the other side of that issue are polar opposite.

Swann also mentioned that he is working to create another piece that will “demonstrate to people, the truth about where ISIS came from.”

It is not inaction that created ISIS,” said Swann, who instead blames “direct action,” by the U.S. government, due to the fact that they are funding “so-called rebels in Syria,” along with “groups along the Iraq-Syria border, in order to overthrow Assad that created this in the first place.”

Beyond just Journalism, I think this is one of the most important stories that we can share with folks,” Swann said.

History just continues to repeat itself, and unless we show people, ‘Step back from the emotion, and think sensibly about what’s happened here,’ we’re doomed to keep making these same mistakes.”

When asked about his relationship with Journalists who work in the mainstream media, Swann said that he is often told that his work is “a little too conspiratorial.”

What’s sad to me about that, is that if you go and look at the body of our work, there’s nothing conspiratorial about anything that we do,” said Swann.

As a Journalist, I think your highest calling is to be the most critical eye in the room,” said Swann. “Instead, we’ve actually adopted a belief that a reporter is just a repeater. Just repeat whatever you’re told, and if you don’t do that, then there’s something wrong with you.”