Boston Mayor Institutes Gun Buyback, Wants To “Find Out Who Has These Guns”


Boston’s new mayor, Marty Walsh, may have officially cemented his reputation as being “anti-gun.”

Following an accidental shooting of a 9-year-old last week, Walsh voiced his support for a sweeping, large-scale “gun buyback. ” He said, “I’m working with the commissioner a little bit now to come up with how we’re going to formulate the gun buyback program. The message for me is clear. We need help from the community, we need help from people to let us know where these guns are, who has these guns, who are bringing these guns in, so we can get them off the street.”

It is easy to surmise that by saying this, Walsh was encouraging Boston citizens to report their neighbors suspected of owning unregistered guns.

Walsh continued, “National gun reform is important. Most of these guns are coming from out-of-state states that don’t have tough gun laws. We’re simply asking people to register their guns — that’s it.”

Those who oppose Walsh’s suggestion point out that wide-spread confiscations have occurred in many countries with mandatory gun registration.

What are your thoughts on Walsh’s proposals — are they common sense, or will they only serve as a tool to infringe on the rights of American citizens?

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