BREAKING: Senate Democrats Vote To End Filibusters, Silence Minority Voice

Senate Leader Harry Reid Pushes Through Nuclear Option
Senate Leader Harry Reid Pushes Through Nuclear Option

In one unilateral swoop Senate democrats have forever shut out the voice of the minority. The 52:48 vote came only moments ago. The “Nuclear Option”, as it is referred to, will wipe out the minority voice within the US Senate by ending most all filibusters.

What Washington politicians fail to understand is that the US government was never intended to run in a smooth manner. Issues were meant to be debated, minority voices were meant to be heard and protected, and obstruction was necessary in order to keep federal government from growth. However, the Senate wasn’t having it. Tired of republican filibusters, as Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) have orchestrated, democrats unified to kill the voice of the minority party.

Filibusters are not intended to change the inevitable vote ahead. However, they are intended to give the minority a voice to perhaps change the world. This is evidenced by the entire world tuning in to Rand Paul’s historical Brennan nominee filibuster.

Public opinion shifted on targeting American citizens with drones because one man, Rand Paul, a minority within the minority party, stood to tell his story to the world. And so it was told. Across the board drone support tanked. Targeting American citizens suspected of being terrorists abroad dropped 13 points among Republicans, 17 points among Democrats, and an astounding 23 points among Independents.

Ted Cruz  played the same tune on Obamacare. Although not as direct as the Paul filibuster, the country tuned in and support for the law has tanked ever since.

By silencing the voice of a minority party, the majority can operate unnoticed.

Democrats who claim to be the champion of minorities will forever eat their words. Today they find themselves in a house of majority. Tomorrow, that same house will be one of minority. Where can they turn when they wish to speak to the world? Nowhere. For they have abandoned the principles of the Republic, which gives a minority such influence over his captors, so that they may pursue their values rather than this country’s principles.

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