Breaking: Three New Truth In Media Episodes Going To Production


As you know we are currently raising funds for the Second Season of the Truth in Media Project.  Already, we have raised just under $30,000!  If you have contributed, thank you so much for your support.  If not, you can make a contribution right now by clicking here.

We can now project that we will have 3 Episodes fully funded for Season 2.

Those episodes include:
  • The Truth About Cannibas and Freedom of Choice
  • The Truth About The Prison Industrial Complex
  • The Truth About Palestinian Foreign Aid

Please stand with us to get our next three episodes funded as well.

These episodes will include:
  • The Truth About Fukushima Radiation
  • The Truth About Mandatory Prison Sentencing
  • The Truth About Police Militarization
More episodes to be announced. Together, we can do this.You can contribute via Indiegogo here:

Or via Bitcoin here:

Consider contributing $1,000, $500, $100 or even $10 to help us reach our goal!  Please stand with us as we stand for Truth in Media!