Can Voting Be Saved? BitCongress Hopes So

A new tool is using cryptography to bring legitimacy back to voting.

As we approach the 2014 mid-term elections the topic of voting is once again on the minds of Americans. With Congressional and Presidential approval ratings at an all-time low many believe that voting, particularly on the federal level, has lost all relevance. There is also the issue of the voting machines being easily hackable or manipulated. Add to this equation the mass amounts of money poured into campaigns from corporations and it becomes a difficult task to convince the populace that their vote still matters. If it ever did.

One man is hoping to change the corruption with a new cryptographic tool known as BitCongress. Morgan Rockwell is the mind behind growing Bitcoin company Bitcoin Kinetics, which focuses on bringing the popular cryptocurrency into real world applications. Rockwell’s newest project takes the technology behind Bitcoin and applies it to voting. Rockwell says that “BitCongress is  a decentralized blockchain platform for voting, tax allocation & creation of legislation allowing anyone to create law & vote.”

He was kind enough to grant an interview so we can learn more about his latest project.

 Q. How would Bitcongress began to be implemented? Is it designed for a federal government voting system? Would it need to start on the local level?

A. It is designed to be used for both small local and large salable elections using the Borda Count. First case will be used by Lucas Overby in Florida’s 13th Congressional District. 

 Q. What determines the amount of vote coins given out per vote? is there a limit?

A.  A VOTE is a limitless token not a coin as VOTE tokens will be made per Bitcoin address that Registers To Vote. Each Bitcoin address will receive 1 Vote per address.

Q.  What protections are in place to prevent hacking?

A. The Blockchain ID is a NFC ID Card & Reader. The ID card has a users Name, Face & Private Key to their VOTE token. This voluntary tool allows an actual physical person to be needed to VOTE. Storing the private keys is vital to security. For ensured protection all private keys used by each user for their designated coins, tokens and information moving on the 3 different blockchains of Bitcoin, Counterpary & Ethereum will be using MultiSig technology to allow multiple signatures to push a VOTE, Bitcoin, TENDER, CONGRESS, STAMPS, XCP or other tokens, one signature can approve & another can move funds.

Nothing is unshackable, a human mind is what political idiots hack, now they will be unable to hack a human, and will resort to recorded, electronic hacks that can be fought, viewed & counteracted against.

 Q.  Is bitcongress currently available?

A. BitCongress is in BETA testing here in Blockchain Valley in North California and will be ready to use no later then December 25th 2014 for
Christmas, My goal is to have AXIOMITY ready for download before November 21st 2014, but I need development help as my work load is that of 45 men.

Q. Why do you think its important to use cryptography for voting?

A. Proof Of History, Proof Of Work, Proof Of Stake. Proof Of Velocity, Proof Of Transaction, Alot Of Proofs go on in cryptography, We can now provide proof that a political decision was made.

Q. Bitcoin has changed much of the traditional thinking on finance and currency. Do you think BitCongress will revolutionize voting in a similar fashion?

A. Bitcoin is not the replacement for the banks, its not made by them either, its the upgrading of their industry through the generational tides. BitCongress is not to compete with governments or replace them, it is here to upgrade the idea of government and governance into the 22nd century.

Q.  How can people help?

A. Send Me Bitcoins 1GkLZpoeT5W5BxrJfKXtrA2YGc2MDHMuXU

Ill use them to pay developers, pay for electricity & help finish AXIOMITY over the next 90 days.  Send me your children who can code, build and change the world, if you have an under 18 human that wants to change the world, give them my number. 

Send me your ideas for Global Government, Blockchain Voting, Consensus, Decentralized Elections, ect… send me your ideas, I will make them a reality. Send me your time & help me test, build & improve BitCongress, I need an army of developers, Beta Testers, Case Uses Including Corporations, Schools & Politicians.

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