Can You Guess The S. Carolina Delegate Who Voted With Obama To Raise The Debt?

Yesterday the Senate voted to extend the debt ceiling, and re-open the government. Along with the deal was a $3 billion earmark from Senate Minority Leader McConnell.  So much for a clean continuing resolution (CR).

SC-The Senate bill passed with a strong majority, having a 31 vote margin (81-18). In total, 27 Republicans voted in favor of the bill. In the House the bill passed (285-144). In total, 87 republicans joined all democrats and voted in favor of the bill.

So, what about South Carolina? Of the 6 Representatives only one voted in favor of the deal (Rep. Clyburn-D). In the Senate, Tim Scott (R) voted “no”. However, Scott’s colleague, Lindsey Graham, voted with South Carolina’s only democratic delegate in favor of the deal.

Graham made no apologies. On Facebook Graham told supporters that they did all they could do. He complains that Congress got bailed out, nothing was done to cut spending, etc. However, none of the supposed problems Graham had with the deal kept him from voting in favor of it.  Hundreds of Facebook users attacked the Senator for his vote.

Graham faces his most serious challenge to re-election this year than ever before. Two serious challengers have risen to the occasion. Businesswoman Nancy Mace and State Senator Lee Bright have thrown their names in the ring. Graham still leads in the polls. Mace follows Senator Bright who is in second place, and was just endorsed by the National Republican Liberty Caucus.