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The brutality of ISIS on full display in new photos

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WARNING: The following images may be disturbing to some viewers.

The terrorist group known as ISIS has reportedly used brutal tactics in the past few months in order to claim and hold land in the Middle East, but a series of photos have been released showing the extent of how ISIS fighters punish law breakers in their controlled lands.

Among the photos are a few depicting an ISIS execution of two homosexual men by pushing them from a tall balcony. The pictures show a man being pushed onto a ledge, another of a man falling through the open air, and one of two bodies lying on the ground surrounded by pools of blood. As is evident in the pictures, these were public executions as a crowd had formed at the base of the balcony where the men were pushed.

Two blindfolded men are also showed crucified to wooden beams, while a man stands in front of them and a surrounding crowd and reads their crimes. According to the Daily Record, the men were accused of banditry. After their charges are read, two militants step up behind the crucified men and execute each with a single shot from their respective handguns.

Final, a set of images shows the execution by stoning of a woman. Her execution can be said to be less public as it appears to be taking place in a secluded, wooded area, but the brutality of her death via stoning is still on display.

Public executions have been reportedly taking place in all ISIS controlled areas since the group declared their lands the Caliphate, or Islamic State.

Charles Lister of the Brookings Institute’s Doha Center researched ISIS’ version of Sharia Law and published his findings under the title “Profiling the Islamic State.” In this research, Lister writes, “The implementation of a strict form of sharia law is clearly central to IS’s governance.” In this version of Sharia Law, serious punishments are dealt out to people who violate seemingly minute offenses such as listening to non-Islamic music or deviating from the assigned dress code implemented by ISIS.

Given ISIS’ penchant for a wide range of propaganda, these images and executions seem to serve multiple purposes. Not only are crimes being punished in these pictures, but the images may also be meant to scare people in and around ISIS controlled areas.  

VIDEO: Bystanders in airport take down a bully assaulting a man for being gay

DALLAS, October 27, 2014 – Last Thursday, a group of bystanders rushed to the defense of a gay man being attacked over his sexual orientation by a stranger at the DFW airport. A cellphone video was taken by an onlooker and captured the encounter that quickly escalated from a verbal confrontation to a physical one.

The initial cause of the incident between the two men is unknown. In the video a male in a sweatshirt type jacket approaches a man in a pink shirt at an airport counter and physically grabs him.

The actions of the man in the sweatshirt quickly caught the attention of several bystanders who can be seen gathering behind him as he shouts indistinguishably at the man in the pink shirt.

One bystander from the group of onlookers approaches the aggressor first in an apparent attempt to mediate the situation and asks at one point, “What are you upset about?” The man in the sweatshirt gestures towards the man in the pink shirt and replies, “He’s queer, is what I’m upset about. This faggot right here.”

In the video the other bystanders continue to look on hesitantly at the dispute until the point the man who started the fight kicks at the other man. At that point a horde of the onlookers physically rush to the defense of the gay man, tackling the bully to the ground and holding him there.

Once the onlookers stepped in to prevent the attack on the gay man police rushed to the scene and quickly arrested the initiator of the confrontation.

Funny to note how long it took airport security and the TSA to even realize the behavior around them.

You can watch the full video here.



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KRISTIN TATE: Yeah, We’re Broke, But Did You Hear About Duck Dynasty?


The United States is over $17 trillion in debt, social security has become financially unsustainable, and entitlement spending is completely out-of-control. But these critical issues get little attention from most young Americans who are usually busy arguing, posting, and blogging about the latest social issue.

The current flavor of the minute? Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson and gay rights.

A&E recently decided to “indefinitely suspend” Robertson due to comments he made about homosexuals during an interview with GQ magazine. His comments were perceived as “anti-gay” by many, so it is no surprise that the issue has the spotlight right now.

Although debates about social agendas are certainly important, they have been taking precedence over other critical issues, which often get no attention from America’s young voters. Ask them about the enormous federal debt or the coming entitlement tsunami that will bankrupt the country, and they often have little to offer of substance.

On Thursday alone, I counted over 30 articles and pictures on my Facebook newsfeed about Phil Robertson and gay rights — but I can honestly say that I haven’t seen 30 post related to fiscal issues over the last year.

When an enormous percentage of my Facebook friends are passionately discussing social issues on a regular basis but never comment on vital fiscal issues, it shows a disjointed priority list.

It is easy to understand — supporting a cause like gay rights makes us feel good. We all have friends and faces behind the issue. It doesn’t require much effort to comprehend gay rights and to give a feel-good opinion. We can then all smile and revel in our self-righteousness.

But sequestration? Yawn… Budget debates? Meh… That’s too complicated to think about, and after all it’s almost happy hour. $17 trillion in debt? Yeah, that sounds like a lot. How many zeros are in that again? Oh, and what’s for dinner?

Good grief.

This apparent disinterest worries me. If Washington’s out-of control-spending continues, our national debt is projected to be over $20 trillion when Obama leaves office in 2016. Young people will carry the burden of this debt for decades to come.

We have already seen irresponsible spending ruin cities like Detroit. What used to be one of America’s greatest cities slowly morphed into a bankrupted disaster when liberalism took the city by storm in the 1960’s. Detroit is now home to a plunging tax base — but rather than cut spending, politicians instead continue to raise taxes to try and make up for it. In fact, Detroit has the highest property and commercial taxes in the country. Additionally, its per capita tax rate is the highest in Michigan. Business owners and venture capitalists have fled the city, leaving less wealth available to fund government programs and pensions.

The US should consider Detroit the canary to its coal mine.

Even if we paid off the $17 trillion federal debt today, every man, woman, and child would owe more than $50,000. And this statistic is misleading because children do not pay taxes, nor do the poor.

Monetary policy and national security threats may be boring and depressing to discuss, but these issues are important to understand. Young Americans should be engaging in conversation about many problems facing this country, both social and fiscal, to discover how positive changes can be made.

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