Joel Valenzuela Dash

VIDEO: CNN Highlights Real-World Digital Currency Use

While mainstream media reporting in recent months has expanded to cover blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, coverage is often limited to discussion of the market and regulations. CNN International recently visited New Hampshire and provided a closer look into how individuals live day-to-day using cryptocurrency, an act not often seen in the media.

Joël Valenzuela is a longtime cryptocurrency advocate and the chief editor of Dash Force News, a news service that provides current-event reports cryptocurrency and the blockchain, as well as updates and developments related to the Dash digital currency. Valenzuela accepts wages and pays for expenses solely using Dash, and allowed CNN International to accompany him in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for a day as he exemplified everyday crypto use.

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Valenzuela uses Dash to pay for a plethora of costs including rent, gas, coffee and recreation; CNN International noted that all of his purchases took about the same amount of time as a typical credit card transaction.

Valenzuela told Truth In Media that he is paid Dash directly from the blockchain, and the amount is determined by the exchange rate. He also clarified that cryptocurrency is not actually “legal tender” in Portsmouth as explained in the video, but is widely accepted in the city of just over 20,000 people.

In response to CNN International’s inquiry about how cryptocurrency will survive regulations, Valenzuela remarked that a better-suited question is how regulations will survive in cryptocurrency environments, and added that the coexistence of regulations and cryptocurrencies is being sought by the community.