Cruz Demands Answers on Jade Helm 15

Texas Senator and Presidential candidate Ted Cruz is demanding answers from the federal government about a controversial domestic military training exercise, Jade Helm 15.

According to Bloomberg News, Cruz, appearing at the South Carolina Republican convention, said, “My office has reached out to the Pentagon to inquire about this exercise. We are assured it is a military training exercise. I have no reason to doubt those assurances, but I understand the reason for concern and uncertainty, because when the federal government has not demonstrated itself to be trustworthy in this administration, the natural consequence is that many citizens don’t trust what it is saying.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott asked the Texas state guard to monitor the exercise.

“It is important that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed,” Abbott said.

Cruz said that he has faith in Abbott. “I have a great deal of faith and confidence in Governor Abbott. He is a long-time friend and mentor of mine. You know, I understand a lot of the concerns raised by a lot of citizens about Jade Helm. It’s a question I’m getting a lot. And I think part of the reason is we have seen, for six years, a federal government disrespecting the liberty of the citizens. That produces fear, when you see a government that is attacking our free speech rights, or Second Amendment rights, or religious liberty rights. That produces distrust.”

According to the Gawker, Sen Rand Paul was asked the same question about Jade Helm military exercises.

Paul said he would look into it.

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