Sheriff Richard Mack CSPOA

CSPOA Live Event

Started on Sep 17, 2014
CSPOA Event: Lighting the Lamp of Liberty National Press Club – 529 14th Street, NW 13th Floor, Washington D.C.

New Media Takes Center Stage
8:10 Speaker: Steve Stockman – Congressman
Stockman Introduces Real Border Bill – To Build Fence, Cut Off Welfare
The Right of Self Defense, Second Amendment
Success in Rejecting Agenda 21
The County Sheriff – Our Elected Last Line of Defense
Speaker: Ben Swann – Truth in Media Project
Speaker: Stewart Rhodes – President of Oathkeepers
Open Letter of Warning to Gov. Nixon from Missouri Oath Keepers!
Speaker: Ramona Hage Morrison – Author
Hage Family Victorious, Federal Judge: BLM Engaged in a Criminal Conspiracy!
Speaker: Dr. Scott Bradley – Author: To Preserve the Nation
The Folly of a Con-Con
The New York SAFE Act, the gun-control Deception!
We must free her son Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi from a Mexican Jail!
9:50 BREAK
CSPOA Resolution
Checks and Balances
Gun-grabber Bloomberg’s epic fail in Milwaukee
Speaker: Richard Mack – Founder of CSPOA
Solutions are not in Washington. New Book: “Are You a David?”