D.C. Insiders: Team Clinton to Raise Over $2.5 Billion

Is Hillary Clinton the new queen of cronyism? A D.C. insider told BenSwann.com that the GOP nominee would have to face Team Clinton with a $2 billion-plus war chest. Who can stop her?

BenSwann.com’s Joshua Cook asked a national political consultant about his thoughts on the massive amounts of money going to Team Clinton from mainly big corporate donors.

“There is a point of diminished returns with money,” he said. He felt that, so far, Sen. Ted Cruz was raising enough money from smaller donors to be competitive. 

Another D.C. insider told Cook that Donald Trump could be a major player who has the money and is making his rounds in key states like South Carolina.

Though a $2 Billion war chest is intimidating, it may reach a saturation level. Elections isn’t necessarily won on TV,  it’s won on the ground in grassroots.

As reported previously by BenSwann.comSenator Rand Paul took aim at Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation’s mega millions in donated foreign money.

“The focus of conservative candidates shouldn’t be on Clinton, it should be on attacking Jeb Bush,” a S.C. political operative told Cook. “Until Bush is out of the way, Conservatives do not stand a chance. He has that kind of money. Karl Rove is raising tons of money.”