Dash Spotlight: Enabling a Better Life for Kids in South Africa

Welcome to our Truth In Media Sponsor Spotlight on Dash Digital Cash.

This Dash Spotlight highlights one of a number of grassroots efforts by the Dash community: the Dash Leopards soccer school in South Africa.

The Dash Leopards are working to enable a better life for kids in South Africa through sports, education and social activities.

Dash has allowed the soccer program founder, Coach Ricardo, and the other coaches, to use soccer as a tool to help the players with life skills.

The Dash Leopards program also offers tutoring to help children with their schoolwork, and they’re learning about healthy food and nutrition, receiving snacks and smoothies prepared with fresh ingredients.

Dash Africa’s community outreach efforts have brought awareness of Dash across the African continent, a place where Dash can truly thrive due to Africa’s large numbers of unbanked individuals, who are familiar with using mobile phones for handling money.

Cryptocurrencies like Dash are a natural fix for the continuous problems with the devaluation and corruption associated with fiat currency. Fortunately for Africa, Dash is a decentralized currency that holds value across the globe.

Be part of the revolution and start using Dash Digital Cash today.