Rory MacDonald & Chael Sonnen Are In the Fight for Dash

Welcome our Truth in Media sponsor spotlight on Dash Digital Cash.

Dash Digital Cash is the exclusive sponsor of Reality Check and the Truth in Media project.

This edition of our dash spotlight highlights the recent Dash sponsorships of Bellator fighters Rory MacDonald and Chael Sonnen.

Why would Dash sponsor mixed martial arts fighters? Because they have fans all over the world, and Dash is a global cryptocurrency.

Canadian Rory MacDonald is one of the world’s top-ranked MMA fighters. He holds a 20-4 record and has fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is currently the Bellator welterweight title.

After his latest victory, MacDonald accepted the title belt wearing Dash gear.

MacDonald sees his dash sponsorship as just the beginning of a long-term partnership with dash, telling CCN, “The exciting thing about [the Dash budget system] is that it’s a voting process, so we can make all kinds of different, unique ideas to pitch to the network … it could be the next wave of sponsorships pouring into the MMA community.”

Another major figure in the MMA world, Chael Sonnen, is also sponsored by Dash Digital Cash.

Sonnen has fought in five different fighting leagues including the UFC, and won the Bellator Heavyweight World Grand Prix Tournament in January. He’s an ESPN analyst and fight commentator, and routinely appears on CBS sports radio with Jim Rome.

Sonnen maintains a massive social media following of over 800,000 Twitter followers and 10 million views on YouTube. He’s been interviewed by the Dash community and is a supporter of decentralization.

These sponsorships are just another way Dash is disrupting the status quo. Cryptocurrencies like Dash can disrupt funding for MMA by allowing fighters to go directly to the source of their funding, instead of bending to the control of a fighting monopoly.

As more people are introduced to the benefits of decentralized currencies, the more people will realize the liberating power and potential cryptocurrencies like Dash.

Be part of the revolution and start using Dash Digital Cash today.


Note: Chael Sonnen won the Bellator Heavyweight World Grand Prix Tournament in January, but because the tournament is tiered he technically did not win a “championship.” The article above has been updated to reflect this information.