Dash Spotlight: How Dash Operates As a Money-As-A-Service Business

Welcome our Truth in Media spotlight on Dash Digital Cash.

Dash Digital Cash is the exclusive sponsor of Reality Check and the Truth In Media project.

In the first Dash Spotlight, I reiterated that Dash is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that will change the game for everyone.

So how is Dash Digital Cash revolutionary? Well, Dash Digital Cash operates as a money-as-a-service business. This is what separates it from other cryptocurrencies built on the blockchain.

Dash is run by a decentralized, autonomous community of people from around the globe. To operate as a money-as-a-service business, members of the Dash community decide on projects to fund that will increase the use of Dash, and make a difference in the world.

Here’s how it works: instead of other blockchain based networks giving 100% of each new crypto coin to miners, Dash Digital Cash divides its block reward, or unit of Dash, into three different parts:

45% goes to the Dash miners, or nodes, 45% goes to masternodes, and 10% goes to the treasury.

We’ll explain nodes and master nodes in the next Sponsor Spotlight. For now, let’s focus on the treasury.

The Dash Treasury is a pool of Dash Digital Cash allocated to support the growth of Dash, fund independent media, like Reality Check and Truth In Media, and help facilitate innovation in different industries that can solve big problems.

Be part of the revolution and start using Dash Digital Cash today.