Death Toll in Gaza Rises, Cryptome urges Snowden Docs to be Released to End War

As reported previously by, ‪Cryptome, is planning to dump all the Snowden documents sometime this month.

Cryptome is a repository for leaked and confidential documents co-founded by John Young, who confirmed with Vocativ that he intends to release them potentially around the beginning of a hacker and whistleblower conference this month in New York City called HOPE X, where Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg is the keynote speaker. (Possibly around July 18th.)

According to Cryptome, the awaited Snowden documents and the important technical data in those documents may end the war.

 But can Gaza wait any longer for those documents to be released? At the time of this post, the death toll in the Gaza Strip is rising sharply and 81 have already been killed in Gaza. 

Crytome is urging the Snowden documents to be released now.
’s Joshua Cook asked Cryptome via twitter if the information from the Snowden docs would produce information to stop the war in Israel?