Edward Snowden Gets New Job Maintaining Russia’s Largest Website

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden will now be working in website maintenance, according to his lawyer Anatoly Kucherena.

Although Kucherena would not reveal Snowden’s exact workplace for “security reasons,” he said Snowden would be working for “Russia’s largest website.”

Snowden starts his new job on Thursday.

Kucherena also revealed that Snowden is learning to speak Russian. The attorney said, “He is studying Russian now. As to his working in a Russian team, I’ve already said he is going to work in tech support of one of the largest companies. You should understand that this kind of job first of all requires one to have expertise in computer software and program.”

Kucherena would not disclose how much Snowden will be getting paid.

Snowden got temporary asylum in Russia on August 1 after reportedly spending about a month in the Moscow airport.

Kucherena said, “Snowden is staying in Russia in line with Russian law and he cannot travel abroad, as in this case he would lose his current status. In addition, according to the existing agreements, he cannot disclose classified information while staying in Russia.”