Former Conan O’Brien Creative Director Joins Isegoria


Contact: Sam Eaton

Chief Marketing Officer, Isegoria

Isegoria, an independently funded blockchain-based news, media, entertainment and educational platform founded by multi-award-winning investigative journalist Ben Swann,  announces that award-winning designer and brand expert Alison Childs has joined the team to direct brand strategy, along with colleague and fellow award-winning designer Bee Elvy. 

“I’m excited to have Alison and Bee join Isegoria. They are exceptional creators with immense award-winning achievements. We’re honored to be attracting such tremendous talent in ISE’s early stages,” said Samuel Eaton, Isegoria’s Chief Marketing Officer. 

“I am absolutely honored to have Alison and Bee join this project,” said Swann. “Their caliber and achievements are extraordinary, and they also clearly share the vision of Isegoria and all that it stands for. We’re all excited to see their work on this project come alive.”

About Dream Team Design

Alison Childs is a Los Angeles-based brand expert, video artist, and graphic designer with an extensive, accomplished career. Childs and Bee Elvy head Dream Team Design, a creative agency with clients including Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco, Samsung, SoundCloud, Oracle, Puma, FOX, MTV, and many more. Their work includes their Emmy award-winning branding and digital design for Conan Without Borders, a Conan O’Brien travel series on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and on the Team Coco web properties. 

Dream Team’s other work for Team Coco includes the Webby award-winning Occupy Conan UGC app and microsite design, as well as branding, digital, video, and installation design for Conan’s annual takeover at ComicCon® – including a rooftop AT&T sponsored behind-the-scenes 360° experience which was incorporated into the Team Coco mobile app. They have won 5 Webby’s for their work with Team Coco. Childs and Elvy are also founders of event listing service RSVP.

“We’re excited to work on a project of such importance,” said Childs of joining Isegoria. “In a time when free speech and dissent are suppressed, state propaganda is legalized, habeas corpus is non-existent, and corporate-controlled media distracts us away from both inequalities and commonalities, a platform like Isegoria is vital. Isegoria provides a powerful societal keystone where voices that are otherwise silenced can be heard.”

About Isegoria and founder Ben Swann

Isegoria’s mission is to create an uncensored, blockchain-based, decentralized news and entertainment platform with a funding mechanism for independent media, spearheaded by multi-award winning investigative journalist Ben Swann, whose social following is nearing 1,000,000 subscribers. Isegoria will be a collaboration of independent journalists and entertainers.

Ben has spent 20 years as a journalist in broadcast news behind and in front of the camera spanning multiple states and news stations. He is a two-time Lone Star Emmy Award winner and three-time Edward R. Murrow Award winner, in addition to numerous regional awards received. Ben is one of the most-watched local news anchors in history with hundreds of millions of combined views on his videos. Unlike most news personalities, Ben has an audience with widely diverse political, social and geographic backgrounds, and has been a longstanding advocate of independent content creation.

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