Telling the truth when it matters most

Telling the truth
when it matters most

Episode 2

Israel’s Botched Hostage Rescue Operation

By now you’ve heard the news… Israel launched a massive operation that rescued four Israelis hostages held by Hamas for
nearly 8 months.

Both the Biden Administration and the Israeli government hailed the operation as a success. Others have
been critical of the fact that 270 Palestinians were killed.

I’m investigative journalist Ben Swann. So there is an angle to this story that virtually no one in mainstream media is talking
about: the fact that there appears to be clear evidence that not only was the U.S. involved in supplying munitions for the
operation, but there may have been US boots on the ground.

The rescue operation was conducted In the middle of the day as Israeli forces, disguised as humanitarian aid workers,
drove a humanitarian aid truck into the crowded market area of Nuseirat. Once there, these forces began what they’ve
termed a rescue operation, but which others have called a brutal assault.

Assassinations, multiple aerial strikes on full residential buildings and the entire outdoor Nuseirat market left bodiless limbs
and headless bodies scattered everywhere. All under the cover of humanitarian aid.

The mission appeared to be successful as four Israelis hostages were in fact rescued after months of living as hostages in
the Gaza Strip among militants, some reports say the operation also led to the death of three Israeli hostages. One with
American citizenship.

Details regarding the exact role of the United State military remain murky. But a few details have emerged. And they deserve
our attention.

First, during this so-called rescue operation, the head of the IDF was accompanied by none other than United States
CENTCOM chief — General Michael Kurilla.

Here they are together during a more public meeting over the weekend in Israel.

And remember that humanitarian aid pier that the U.S. military built off the Gaza coast? People who originally thought this
military installation had more sinister aims were written off as conspiracy theorists.

Well during the operation, an IDF soldier at the U.S. Gaza aid pier posted this video to social media.

You can see an Israeli military helicopter taking off. And behind it, parked on the dock, you can see a few Israeli army
vehicles and also humanitarian aid trucks. The aid truck that allowed the soldiers to disguise themselves as humanitarian aid
workers reportedly left from this very area.

The video has caused such a stir, especially after the botched operation, that the U.S. Government has come out to deny
accusations that the humanitarian pier was used in the Nuseirat assault.

U.S. Central Command tweeted that “an area south of the [U.S. facility] was used” but “by the Israelis” — but let’s look at the
video again — how far south? A few meters?

This survivor, speaking from a makeshift hospital, explained that 10 soldiers exited the fake humanitarian aid truck and shot
him with 3 bullets. In his chest, arm and leg.

Then he says Israel began to intensely bomb the area with “fire belts” — meaning dropping large amounts of bombs

“I was walking on the road and a truck parked next to me. It was filled with food, clothes and kitchen pots. Around
10 special forces jumped out of the truck and started shooting. I was shot three times in my chest and arm. I don’t
know what happened to me afterwards. But I heard and felt all of the bombing. After they withdrew, some boys took
me to a clinic near the market. I saw no one alive. Everyone was just lying on the ground. Martyred. With their
heads off.”

Here is an interview with 14 year old Ahmed Mohammad Yakoub Matar — a Palestinian boy who lives in Nuseirat.
The interview is making rounds on Arabic social media. U.S. mainstream media is doing their best to ignore it. And it’s
obvious why.

Ahmed explains what happened when soldiers raided his home during the operation. And where the soldiers were from.
“They broke everything on the bottom floor and then got up to the second floor. They shot my younger brother, and
he died. God rest his soul. They shot him in his belly and his leg. His name was Yamen. He was 12. They
blindfolded and took my grandfather and father. They wanted to take me but my mom told them I’m too young. To
check that I’m young he undressed me. Once he checked me, he took me to the living room and punched me twice
here, and then he laid me down and blindfolded me….Those who attacked us in the house were not Israeli forces.
They were American forces. And Biden, the guy who talks about humanitarian aid and who built the pier. Is bringing
tanks through the pier. And the person who killed us, killed my brother, and shot my other brother, he’s from there.
From Biden’s army.”

Despite the U.S. military’s so-called “aid dock” in Gaza being a part of the operation, the head of the Israeli military being
with top U.S. military officials during the operation, and Palestinians testimonial of Americans being amongst the soldiers,
the U.S continues to deny direct American involvement.

Just as Israel denies any foreknowledge of the October 7th attacks. But in our next episode, we are going to look at what
appears to have been a military stand-down on October 7th. Why did that happen?

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