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Episode 3

October 7: Where Was the IDF?

Eight months into Israel’s bombardment of Gaza and there appears to be no end in sight. We’ve been taking a look at what
happened on October 7th during the Hamas terror attacks. And part of looking at that day requires some uncomfortable
realities. Here’s one. During those October 7th attacks… what did the Israeli military do?
Well, strangely enough… For hours… nothing.
I’m investigative Journalist Ben Swann and this is Reckoning…Israel and Gaza.
Before we dive into the evidence that suggests there was some type of military stand down order on October 7th it’s
important to remember that Israel is just slightly bigger than the size of the state of New Jersey.
But for some reason, once the Hamas attacks began, the time it took the Israeli army and rescue teams to arrive, fight and
rescue Isralis at the different kibbutz communities and sites being attacked.. Anywhere from 4 hours to more than 20 hours.
Even the New York Times has reported:
“Thousands of soldiers were less than 40 minutes from the towns that were under attack.”
So why did it take so long for help to arrive?
For example, Kibbutz Be’eri was under siege by Palestinian militants beginning around 6am, the morning of October 7th.
A video that Israeli media obtained from an army helicopter, corroborated by Israeli survivors, prove that there were more
than 500 Israeli soldiers directly outside of the Kibbutz entrance, fully armed, with humvees and tanks but not until 4:30 in
the afternoon.
That’s 10 hours after the attack began.
It took 10 hours for those soldiers to show up… BUT it gets stranger… because the first rescue mission wasn’t actually
underway at Kibbutz Be’eri, again according to Israeli media, until almost 7pm. That’s 13 hours after the attack began.
Avital, a survivor of the Be’eri attack, described to Haaretz:
“500 soldiers stood outside, with equipment and vehicles. I remember yelling at them, ‘We’re being slaughtered,
come in, save us.’ And no one said anything.”
In our last episode, we discussed the Nova musical festival.
We showed that the party was approved last minute despite multiple warnings of a violent incursion from Gaza. And we
discussed how days before the festival, two entire brigades of soldiers were taken away from that area of the Gaza border
and sent to the West Bank.
You might think that immediately upon receiving the information of a devastating attack on partygoers, military authorities
alerted units to immediately exit their bases, race to the site of conflict, and go on the counterattack. But that is not what
Haaretz reported:
“At 7 A.M., the party organizers…called Lt. Col. Elad Zandani,…the man tasked with…approving the festival-and told
him that terrorists were shooting the partygoers. He suggested that they fend for themselves. The first IDF forces
arrived at the party scene at 3 P.M.”
That’s an 8 hour response time for one of the most efficient, capable and well militarized security forces in the world
operating in a country the size of New Jersey with their Gaza division only a few miles away.
And what makes this even more strange?
Around 4 hours into the Hamas assault, at 10:46AM, Israel was already launching operations and bombing targets inside
of Gaza.
So, hold on, let that sink in… if Israel could begin an offensive attack into Gaza within 4 hours, why did it take more than 6
hours and in most cases more than 10 hours and even 20 hours in some cases to mobilize inside of their own country to
stop the ongoing attack? And to defend the lives of their own people?
Jonathan Pollard is an Israeli American. He’s a former National Security Agency employee who served 30 years in federal
prison for giving classified information to Israel.
Of course, one should always be skeptical of the claims of former spies, but on a podcast, Pollard seems to suggest there
was a military stand down order in place on October 7th. And considering all of the evidence, it makes sense.
“I have friends who were helicopter pilots…sitting in their cockpits ready to take off. Fully loaded. Ready to stop
them [Hamas] at the fence.They didn’t get their orders for 6 hours…They could hear the fighting…They weren’t
given permission to take off.”
The New York Times quoted Ben Zion, an Israeli military reservist who spoke to Israeli media.
He said his unit voluntarily left central Israel in a convoy at 1:30PM. They got together and left for the south on their own.
He expected to see the roads packed with soldiers and equipment and armored vehicles heading south. “The roads
were empty!” he recalled in an interview. Roughly seven hours into the fighting, he turned to the reservist next to
him and asked: “Where’s the IDF?”
We’ve thrown a lot of information at you so let’s sum up the timeline, at 6AM Hamas began their violent assault on southern
Israel by launching hundreds of rockets and then breaching the border.
At 10AM, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced that Israel is at war.
30 minutes later, the Israeli military announced it was already identifying and bombing targets inside of Gaza.
And from there, it took anywhere from 4 hours to 10 hours for army units to arrive and then sometimes another 4 hours to 10
hours for them to actually engage the militants and begin to save Israelis.
Between the trove of concrete evidence that suggests Israeli military allowed October 7th to happen by ignoring dozens of
reliable and specific warnings.. threatening soldiers with legal actions who tried to warn their military superiors.. and taking
troops away from the area of the Gaza border that was attacked.. and now, evidence that suggests there was some type of
military stand down order in place on October 7th…
It’s important to ask, what was October 7th? And what kind of war is the United States supporting?
The brutal and deadly Hamas terrorist attack of October 7th is so central to justifying Israel’s ongoing war in Gaza that Israel
is actually outlawing questioning the October 7th government narrative.
Israelis who spread information counter to the October 7th government narrative, which the Israeli Knesset calls “falsehoods
and propaganda” could face up to 5 years in prison. Why?
Next episode we’ll look at another crucial aspect of October 7th.
Once Israel began using their firepower and military to engage Hamas in southern Israel, did they exclusively target enemy
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