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Ex-CIA Operative Declares FBI is “Ticked” in Wake of FISA Memo; Pledges “We’re Going to Win”

Washington, D.C. –Philip Mudd, former deputy director of the CIA’s National Counterterrorism Center, said on CNN that despite the recent declassification and release of the GOP FISA memo, which alleged FBI and U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) surveillance abuse, the FBI is not worried – and is “going to win.”

Mudd, a CIA counterterrorism analyst for CNN, noted that the FBI is not concerned about the release of the memo, claiming that the recent arrival of Trump as president 13 months ago is inconsequential when compared to the 110-year history of the agency.

“I know how this game is going to be played. We’re going to win,” Mudd, who served as a analyst for the CIA before becoming the deputy national intelligence officer for the Near East and South Asia on the US National Intelligence Council, told CNN.

In spite of the declassified memo alleging abuses by the FBI and DOJ, over which Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) has announced he will pursue criminal charges of treason, Mudd claimed that Trump will be unable to “push us off” the Russian collusion investigation.

 “They [the FBI] are going to be saying (I guarantee it): You [Trump] think you can push us off this [investigation] because you can try to intimidate the [FBI] director? You better think again, Mr. President. You have been around for 13 months. We have been around since 1908,” Mudd said.

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Mudd went on to say that “FBI people are ticked,” and ironically claiming that accusations of widespread corruption in the agency, despite being based on evidence, are “an attack on [its] ability to conduct an investigation with integrity.”

The FISA memo was written by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and other Republican lawmakers, and made several claims of misconduct, including how FBI and DOJ officials utilized unverified opposition research from a dossier to acquire and then renew a warrant to put a former Trump campaign official under government surveillance.

The FBI reportedly failed to inform the FISA court of Steele’s self-professed disdain for Trump, which had been previously noted in official FBI records.

As previously reported, in the wake of the release of the declassified FISA memo, Gosar  announced that he will pursue a criminal prosecution of officials in both the Justice Department and FBI for “treason.”

“House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Memorandum on the FBI abuse of FISA warrants wasn’t just evidence of incompetence but clear and convincing evidence of treason,” wrote Gosar. The congressman labeled the behavior by FBI and Justice Department officials as “third word politics where official government agencies are used as campaign attack dogs.”

Numerous Democratic politicians, mainstream media outlets, as well as current and former security service officials fiercely resisted the publication of the memo detailing FBI and DOJ abuse, claiming the release would “endanger national security.”