Exclusive: Brad Hoff Discusses DIA Report, Mainstream Media Coverage of Syria

Military veteran and journalist Brad Hoff has a unique perspective of Syria after living there off and on for years.

“I ended up settling down in Syria, and loved the culture, loved the people,” he said to Joshua Cook in an exclusive interview.

Hoff said that of course he saw problems there, but the typical stereotypes that he had of the region shattered.

“Got really interested in how the media was covering Syria, and that’s what really got me involved in writing about the place,” he explained. “The mainstream media writing about the conflict in Syria just completely failed on so many fronts.”

The Daily Beast’s coverage of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report, Hoff said, was a hit piece.

As reported previously by Truth In Media, the DIA report basically points at the United States for helping to create ISIS, or the Islamic State.

“DIA analysts make predictions based on their best knowledge based on their best research,” explained Hoff.

“What it does establish beyond a doubt is that in 2012 when this document was written the U.S. definitely saw the likelihood that an Islamic State or some kind of Salafist principality would arise based on as you said fueling the insurgency in Syria,” he said.

“So what this document proves is that there were members in the intelligence community that were fully aware that the insurgency in Syria was mainly driven by Islamic groups, but of course the document seems to predict that the U.S. would use these radical Islamist as a kind of strategic asset in order to put pressure on the Syrian regime.”

And that is what the Daily Beast failed to point out in its story.

Hoff pointed out that this was the Daily Beast’s first mention of the DIA document.

“He really missed the opportunity to shine light on this document, to at least talk about it in some objective way. But instead he focused most of the article on basically saying ‘Oh, this is all a conspiracy.’”

Despite the Daily Beast’s questionable coverage, the DIA document and its findings are gaining traction and interest within the general public.

Hoff said that there have been reports that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul even alluded to the DIA document at a campaign event in Colorado.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) recently sponsored bi-partisan legislation, S.1471, that asks President Obama to declassify the 28-pages in the 9/11 report and is a vocal critic of U.S. foreign policy in Syria.

Truth In Media has reported on key issues regarding the truth about Syria and the Origin of ISIS, which now has over 1 million views. The mainstream media can no longer ignore these stories.