Exclusive: Cousin of 12 Year-Old Drone Victim Says U.S. Not Interested in Really “Fighting Terror”

Washington D.C.- A senior cleric for Al Qaeda in Yemen or AQAP has been killed, along with three other people in a drone strike on their vehicle. With that death, at least 428 people, including eight children, have now been killed by drone strike in Yemen since 2002. In addition, the Bureau for Investigative Journalism points out that nearly 2,500 people have been killed worldwide by President Obama’s administration alone.

As you know this drone stike policy is not without controversy. Just two weeks ago, a U.S. drone strike against Yemen killed three reported “Al Qaeda militants”. Turns out, however that one of those three was not a militant but rather a 12 year-old boy by the name of Mohammed Saleh Taeiman.

Taeiman’s father and older brother had been killed in US drone strikes back in 2012, and another of his brothers was wounded in another strike. Taeiman was in sixth grade. Taeiman was labeled a “militant” because of the Obama Administration’s policy of automatically labeling any young man killed by drone strike as a militant. Because Taeiman was in the 6th grade, he was automatically listed as a militant.

The war waged by drone in Yemen, seems to have the opposite effect of what we are told as Houthi militants are threatening to take complete control of the government, calling for a revolution in a nation that believes its government is corrupt and is run by the U.S. against its own people.

To truly understand the affect of these strikes, Ben Swann spoke exclusively with Hussein Tueaiman, the cousin of that 12 year-old boy killed by drone strike. Hussein spoke with Swann from Cairo, Egypt and in the video above discusses who Mohammed was and how people in Yemen view these drone strikes.