Exclusive: Curtis Ellis Says Trans-Pacific Partnership Is “Not Over!”

Truth In Media’s Joshua Cook recently interviewed Curtis Ellis of ObamaTrade.com. Cook and Ellis talked about the complicated and controversial trade agreement known as TPP.

Cook said, “I just did an interview couple of days ago with economist and historian, Dr. Tom DiLorenzo, and he talked about the reason we fought the British was because of this type of system of crony capitalism (mercantilism). This is not free market enterprise, this is just giving favors to the politically connected at the expense of tax payers and the middle class, the working people, the American people. This Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP), how dangerous is this to our Republic?”

“It’s extremely dangerous to our Republic in many ways,” answered Ellis. “Number one, the TPP sets up a separate court system for foreign corporations that can challenge our laws, and the very power of our government.”

“Let’s say that South Carolina decides that it wants to you use its taxpayer’s money to buy food for the prisons, the schools, that it is going to set aside certain amount of money is going to be used for local farmers and buy local produce, that could be overturned under this agreement, so these Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanism (it is what it’s called), sets up a farm tribunals of unelected corporate lobbyists basically who act as judges that can overturn our laws,” Ellis continued. “Americans don’t even have access to these courts and there is no appeal when they issue their judgments.”

[quote_box_center]”The result of this type of Kangaroo court was recently when the World Trade Organization issued a ruling, saying that we’re not allowed to know where the meat that we buy in the grocery stores comes from, so we had to take the labels of the food packaging that this beef was raised in the USA. We are not allowed to know that, because those poor Mexican meat growers don’t feel they get a fair shot at selling their stuffs in the American market if people know that they came from Mexico. So you know we would rather buy American beef than Mexican beef. So that’s one real clear danger,” said Ellis.[/quote_box_center]

Cook asked Ellis: “One thing that’s striking to me was Ted Cruz’s switch, at the 11th hour. You know I know a lot of activists in the grassroots who really try to inform Senators like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and some of the presidential candidates, but Ted Cruz, right before the vote came out vocally against it. Can you shed any light on that why he changed his mind on the TPA?”

“We know that the grassroots conservative movement is on fire against fast track and against its Trans-Pacific partnership, it is properly understood by grassroots conservatives that these deals sell out American sovereignty, sell out the American nation and open the door to unlimited immigration in the so-called guest worker ”migrant worker category” allowing unlimited number of farm workers to come in and take jobs that will go to Americans,” Ellis answered.

[quote_box_center]”The people understand that these are bad deals and that it is not a good thing for this country. Unfortunately, Mr. Cruz found himself on the wrong side of the grassroots and I can only surmise that he saw it affecting his campaign, he saw that he wasn’t getting the support, the lift that he hoped for, these campaigns conduct polling all the time. They’re constantly polling public opinion and both formally and informally and I suspect that he saw that his position was poison to his campaign,” said Ellis.[/quote_box_center]

Cook asked Ellis to “tell us exactly how can we get involved, how can we stop this from going forward? How can people reach out to their Congressman and senators to really educate them?”

“What we have to do is, number one, you can go to Obamatrade.com and send a message to your Congressman and tell them that you expect them to vote against it, but most importantly, look for them, if they are holding a town hall meeting, you have to go there and you tell them, you know, what were you thinking about giving Obama this power, what were you thinking about voting for this trans-pacific partnership, don’t do it, we know that the calls that are going into these congressional offices are 100-1 opposing it, some of these fellas went ahead and voted for it anyway, so that’s a legitimate question to ask, why did you vote for this while all of your constituency were telling you to vote against it,” said Ellis.