Exclusive Interview: Former Senator Bob Graham Discusses FBI Coverup, 9/11 Documents

Former Florida Senator Bob Graham continues to fight and raise awareness about censored 9/11 pages, and he spoke with BenSwann.com’s Joshua Cook in an exclusive interview.

“This has been a major source of frustration and anger for me. Back in 2002, I co-chaired the congressional inquiry into 9/11. We produced, after more than a year of research, hearings, interviews, reading thousands of documents, a report of over 800 pages,” explained Graham. Prior to the report’s release, one chapter of 28 pages was plucked out and has remained censored since the summer of 2003.

“That was the chapter that went to the question of who financed 9/11. I have been trying since that time to get those 28 pages released because I think that would be an important piece of information on to me the most essential, unanswered question of 9/11, which is did the 19 hijackers act alone or was there a support network, which facilitated their financing, their lives while in the United States, their training and practicing the plot,” he said.

Graham said that it’s implausible to think that these 19 men who couldn’t speak a lick of English or had never been to the United States could have carried out such a complicated assignment without external support.

The official position of the United States government is that these men worked alone.

But details of an FBI investigation of a Saudi Arabian family living at the time in Sarasota, Fla. says otherwise.

The family allegedly lived in the United States for six years. “During the later part of those six years, there was evidence that there was a significant level of association between the Saudi family and two of the 19 hijackers who were doing their flight training at a flying school near Sarasota,” said Graham.

“Ten days before 9/11, the Saudi family in what was described as ‘urgent conditions’ left their home in Sarasota with a new car in the front yard, with food in the refrigerator, with clothes in the clothes washer, and went back to Saudi Arabia the inference being that somebody tipped them off that something was about to happen,” he explained.

At the time of its investigation, the FBI wrote of many connections between this family and the hijackers. Now, curiously, the FBI has changed their tune.

“Now the FBI is saying that this agent was incompetent and didn’t write very well and didn’t mean what his plain words in English said,” he said. “What happens 13, 14 years later for the FBI to decide that they sent an incompetent agent to investigate one of the most suspicious aspects of pre-9/11 America?”

Under the Freedom of Information Act, the Florida Bulldog continues to request and investigate these documents. Graham said they hope to learn more about this family through FOIA requests.

All of this, Graham said, is to allow Americans to come to their own conclusions about 9/11. According to the U.S. government, the case is closed — the terrorists worked alone.

“My answer is if you think this chapter is closed, then let’s release all of the information, so that the American people can themselves,” he said.

“Let smart, patriotic Americans decide whether the hijackers acted alone or whether they had support, and if they had support, where did it come from and how the American government should deal with what would be a coconspirator for 9/11.”

The truth needs to come out, he said, and though he’s retired, he still has friends carrying on the fight.

Representatives Walter Jones (R-NC) and Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.) introduced H. Res. 428 which asks President Obama to declassify the entire report, “Joint Inquiry Into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.”

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