Exclusive: Lois Lerner’s IRS is still targeting Tea Party and Liberty Groups


In an exclusive interview, Dianne Belsom, President and Founder of the Laurens County Tea Party told Joshua Cook:

“There is no justice. I testified last June before the House Committee on Ways and Means and its now been 3 years and 9 months since we filed for 501c4 status. And we still haven’t heard from the IRS.”

“Lois Lerner, she works for us. If you worked for a private firm and your boss told you to come in to give an account of yourself, you wouldn’t say: “well, I plead the 5th” said Belsom.

Belsom doesn’t believe that Attorney General Eric Holder with send Lerner to jail.

“The government is just stonewalling. We have crossed into a totalitarian government where government agencies like the IRS wield incredible power,” Belsom said. “It’s a very scary place to be in where the government’s checks and balances are not working.”

Belsom told Cook that the FBI never asked her any questions regarding the IRS’ illegal targeting of conservative groups. Watch this video to learn more about the IRS targeting the Laurens Tea Party.

Today the DailyPaul is reporting that the IRS is targeting Campaign for Liberty, issuing the organization a hefty fine and demanding they turn over sensitive contributor information.

Both cases above illustrate that nothing has changed. The government is still targeting these groups. So far the Lerner hearings haven’t produced any results. It appears that the Lerner campaign is still in play and the Obama IRS attack machine is still open for business.

So what’s next?

If the Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t act on the accusations against former IRS official Lois Lerner, Republicans of the House Ways and Means Committee could use the “inherent contempt” authority, to hold her accountable for not answering their questions regarding unfair scrutiny given to Tea Party groups, applying for tax-exempt status.

The committee voted Wednesday to seek an investigation into Lerner’s activities, including giving misleading information during a probe of the matter by the Treasury Department’s inspector general and using her personal e-mail to conduct official business, which could have resulted in the unsafe disclosure of confidential taxpayer information.

“The Ways and Means Committee, led by Chairman [Dave] Camp [R-Mich.], has conducted a serious and thorough investigation of the IRS, uncovering abuses and criminal acts that should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said of the referral in the Washington Examiner. “As I’ve said, if Lois Lerner continues to refuse to testify, then the House will hold her in contempt. And we will continue to shine the light on the administration’s abusive actions and use every tool at our disposal to expose the truth and ensure the American people get the answers they deserve.”

And one of those tools is the House’s “inherent contempt” authority provided to it under the Constitution. Lerner could be jailed until January 2015 when a new Congress is seated, which could issue another subpoena and throw her back in jail again if she still refuses to testify.

The Washington Examiner reported that Representative Kevin Brady (R-Texas) a Ways and Means Committee member, said that he hoped that it wouldn’t come to holding her in contempt.

“This is a very thorough, deliberate investigation,” he said. “This congressional referral is commonplace when we find evidence of wrongdoing from the legislative branch. Let’s hope the attorney general does his job,” he said.


What’s your opinion? Will these groups get justice? Will Holder or the House send Lerner to jail?