Dr. Gary Miller Interview

Exclusive Video Interview: Dr. Gary Miller Says Veterans With PTSD Need Access To Cannabis

After watching Ben Swann’s latest video titled Truth In Media: Feds Say Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding The Patent On Cannabis As Medicine, Dr. Gary Miller immediately contacted BenSwann.com to let us know that he is part of a landmark medical marijuana study for Veterans.

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Gary Miller told Ben Swann writer Evan Mulch that veterans with PTSD now have the opportunity to participate in the Veterans Post Traumatic Stress & Medical Cannabis Study and he hopes to see 10,000 Veterans enroll in the study in the coming months.

When asked why it is so important that Veterans have access to cannabis, Dr. Miller said:

“Right now it’s the opinion of the study group that when the Veterans Health Administration reestablishes effective medical programs, the United States will begin as a nation to honor its commitment to the Veteran community and further it is an opinion of the study group that currently the VA is failing the Veterans as evidenced by the hourly rate of Veterans’ suicides.”

Dr. Miller went on to state that the federal government did not give permission for the study to take place but since it has been approved by an Institutional Review Board, the study is exempt from needing federal government approval.

As a benefit to the study, Enigami Health Management donated $300K of in-kind technology in the form of a patient health record which is being used in the study in order to keep track of a person’s cannabinoid levels.

“But what’s very unique about it is that we are able to track the cannabinoid levels, up to 11 different cannabinoids, and we are able to link that to the Veteran’s symptom relief. We are able track that not only on the cannabis but also over-the-counter medication and prescribed medications — and that populates into a nice little graph in order for the Veterans or caregivers, their doctors and pharmacists at the dispensary to help the Veterans determine the best medicine for them.”

When Dr. Miller was asked what he expected to get out of the study, he said:

“It’s very simple, medical cannabis…does it help or not help Veterans suffering from PTSD?”.

Dr. Miller said that all Veterans who want to participate in the study to move to one of the 23 states approved or Washington D.C and he hopes that Veterans in every state can get the opportunity to join the study in the near future.

“Hopefully our study will help guide policy, not only with the VA but for our administration and Congress.”

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If you are a Veteran and you would like to sign-up for the study, go to www.vetptsdstudy.org. To learn more about the VHA Directive click HERE. To view the public announcement about the study that was released on July 4th, click HERE.