Filmmakers Go To Kickstarter to Launch Animated Film for Kids About Government Spending

Orlando, FL – The world of crowdfunding is expanding, and two teachers from Full Sail University have decided to use their talents in animation to create a film that both spreads truth, and is truly “fun for the whole family.”

UNCLE SAMta, the movie, is the creation of AJ Viviani and Sean Springer, who wanted to produce a movie based on the economy. “We got really interested in the economy when we saw that things were going south in 2008, and the housing market crashed,” said Springer.

We looked around at the political climate, and we started talking, and as we worked together, we found that we had a particularly similar vision,” said Viviani. He and Springer found a way to combine that vision with their storytelling abilities, and thus the brainchild that is UNCLE SAMta was born!

Their mission was to make a movie that was not only filled with truth in the economic realm, but was also entertaining, and applicable to a range of ages. “We wanted to make a movie that we’d like to see,” said Springer. He described their film as fun, with a little bit of snarky, light-hearted satire.

We’re looking at this as a family film that people can bring out and watch every year,” said Viviani, who aims for UNCLE SAMta to one day be considered a “Christmas Classic.”

Springer explained that they wanted to make something that taught about the political system in a way that appealed to children. “Kids don’t learn these kinds of things at school,” explained Springer. “Common Core – and things like that – don’t really teach them the basic details of economics. The way they learn about the economy is by doing it themselves.”


Springer and Viviani have chosen the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to launch their film. Kickstarter lets individuals become “backers” in the project, and gives them project-specific incentives, depending on the amount of their investment.

Viviani described Kickstarter as being a grassroots approach, which takes the “middle man” out of the equation. He explained, “The appeal of Kickstarter, essentially, was that it was a free market way to approach the audience directly.

Springer and Viviani currently have their goal set at $100,000, which will fund a pitch packet, a screenplay, a children’s book, and a story reel. The deadline for reaching this pledge goal is July 4, 2014.

Viviani pointed out that one difference between Kickstarter and other crowdfunding websites is that when pledging to a project on Kickstarter, money is not automatically taken out of the backer’s account. “We chose Kickstarter particularly because, even if we don’t hit the $100,000 and we can’t make the movie, we won’t be taking any money away from people,” said Viviani. “It’s an all-or-nothing approach.”

Springer and Viviani say that their project has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. “It has created quite a buzz,” said Viviani.

Springer tells that the main message in the movie, UNCLE SAMta is, “Action trumps Intent.”

In a world of weightless words and hollow promises, it’s what you do that is actually most important,” said Viviani. He explained that he and Springer wanted to show that all actions have consequences, and that “the ends don’t justify the means.”

Springer and Viviani see the creation of their film as their own way of spreading a message they believe in. “For a project like this, we’re just looking to hopefully garner support, and to get people involved in various elements of our culture,” Viviani tells “We’re coming at it from the cultural angle, the filmmaking angle, because it’s what we know very well.”

It’s not everyday you have a liberty-minded film coming out that appeals to a broad audience,” said Springer.


You can view the UNCLE SAMta Kickstarter Project by clicking here!