From Bravo TV to the Ballot: Reality Star Hopes To Dethrone Lindsey Graham

November’s U.S. Senate election in South Carolina just got a bit more interesting after Charleston businessman and reality TV star Thomas Ravenel said he’s considering jumping into the race, only if he can get the signatures.

With less than a month to the filing deadline, Ravenel, who was state treasurer before resigning due to federal drug charges, said Wednesday that he plans to complete a petition push, collecting the signatures of at least 10,000 S.C. voters.

If he meets his signature quota, Ravenel will appear on November’s ballot with three other candidates, including incumbent Lindsey Graham, Democratic state Senator Brad Hutto and Libertarian Victor Kocher.

According to The State, Ravenel is the son of former 1st District U.S. Representative Arthur Ravenel, previously ran for the U.S. Senate in 2004 and placed third in the GOP primary. In 2006, he was elected state treasurer.

Most recently, Ravenel has starred in Bravo’s “Southern Charm” reality show, and that star power can be a real threat to Senator Graham.

Liberty activist and County Republican Committeemen, Chris Lawton said, “the elections are not over and grassroots activists still have time to “Lose Lindsey Graham.”

“Ravenel has the charisma, has solid libertarian ideas, and has the money to unseat Graham this November,” said Lawton.

“All I want from my representative is to vote Constitutionally 100% of the time. Every time, Without Fail, NO exceptions! What they do in their off time is their business,” said Lawton. 

One source on the ground told that there are “busy worker bees” who are enthusiastically gathering signatures to put Ravenel on the ballot.

One thing is certain, there are grassroots activists in South Carolina who are still working very hard to oust Sen. Lindsey Graham and they are not giving up.


One liberty activist put out a fact sheet about Ravenel on facebook:


•Thomas is a successful businessman.

• Former statewide official. South Carolina Treasurer

• Hard core fiscal conservative/ free market supporter

• Aggressive proponent of individual liberty.

• Thomas opposes tax hikes/ spending hikes/ further unnecessary expansions of government.

• Thomas supports broad-based tax relief/ draconian spending cuts to the federal government (and will be proposing specific cuts to both in his campaign).

• Rabidly pro-gun

• Pro-life (just had a gorgeous baby girl)

• Opposes handouts (welfare or corporate welfare)

• Supports a strong military but opposes unnecessary deployments and wasteful Pentagon programs (F-35, Littoral combat ship, etc.)

• In addition to being right on the issues, Thomas is also totally unafraid to take on Graham – to challenge him substantively in ways the GOP candidates who ran against him in the primary were incapable of doing.