Gen Allen: Iraq’s Anti-ISIS Ground Offensive to Begin Within Weeks

Says Coalition Will Provide ‘Major Firepower’ to Iraq for War

by Jason Ditz, February 09, 2015

After several months of sort of spinning its wheels in the war against ISIS, retired Gen. John Allen, who’s become sort of the global ambassador to the war, says the Iraqi “ground offensive” will begin in a matter of weeks.

Gen. Allen, whose comments were made to Jordan’s state media, said the coalition intends to provide “major firepower” for the offensive, and that the goal is to “take back Iraq.”

The comments don’t go on to say exactly what this offensive will include, but they certainly give the impression of this being the “big one” which Iraq has been hoping for to try to retake Mosul.

It may also be the excuse the US military needs to transform its massive “training” mission into a direct combat operation, as Pentagon officials have suggested they may recommend direct involvement if the Iraqis prove themselves incapable of fighting ISIS.