Gun Tattoo Brings Armed State Troopers To Man’s Door

Norridgewock, ME- A Maine man was met with the State Police armed with assault rifles Tuesday morning after tree workers mistook the man’s gun tattoo for an actual weapon. Michael Smith, the man who was confronted by the troopers, had been sleeping when he was awoken by sounds of workers trimming tree limbs around power lines on his property. Smith works at night and was aggravated by the noise, so he yelled at the crew to get off of his property. The workers, who admitted that they were in Smith’s driveway, said that he told them to stop cutting the trees and they obliged.

gun tattoo2

But one of the workers noticed a tattoo of a gun on Smith, who was shirtless at the time of the disturbance. The worker mistook the tattoo for the real thing and called the police. A group of state troopers then arrived at Smith’s home armed with assault rifles and ordered him to come out of his house via megaphone. Smith was able to clarify that his tattoo was not an actual gun and he was not charged with anything.

The tattoo of the handgun on Smith is located on his stomach to look as if it’s tucked into his waistband, but it was found that he had no malicious intent. “Obviously it was a misunderstanding and he didn’t have a weapon, but we had to respond to the initial report as if he did,” Maine State Police Trooper Scott Duff said. “We take all precautions when we don’t have the details.”