Stapleton: Half of Americans Would Vote for a Socialist

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A new poll conducted by Gallup says 47% of Americans would consider voting for a Socialist. I fear we are finally headed for a cliff.

So today on the show I decided to take some time to talk about the history of socialism and what it would mean for America’s future.

Socialism is total state control. It will never be enough for a socialist to own and control just part of an economy.

Socialism is “a social and economic system characterized by social ownership of the means of production. This cannot be accomplished without force.”

Communism is a natural and necessary product of Socialism. It is the violent control that allows the state to maintain its ownership of the means of production.

A Few Socialist Governments Throughout History

Lenin – Socialist to Communist – His government caused the starvation of 5 million people. Stalin, who followed Lenin, starved 6.5 million and also murdered 1.5 million people who stood against him.

National Socialists – Nazi
Hitler admired the Soviet model of the totalitarian one-party state, and applauded its Socialist ideology that human beings were expendable raw material to be used for state purposes. His plan to revive Germany’s status led to the deaths of more than 11 million people.

Chairman Mao – Mao said, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. If worst came to worst, and half of mankind died, the whole world would become Socialist.” Mao learned from Marx and Lenin that to stay in power, Socialists had to demolish every vestige of Capitalism.

Mao’s Socialist policies caused the starvation, or outright killing, of 30 million Chinese people.

North Korea – Millions dead from starvation, concentration camps, disease.

South Korea – its infant mortality rate is 8 per 1,000 versus 88 in North Korea. Average life expectancy is 49 in the North and 70 in the South.

Cuba and Castro – Cuba once enjoyed the second-highest standard of living in Latin America, prior to the takeover by Castro. He also learned Socialism from Marx.

Castro nationalized the entire economy of Cuba. He also created his Revolutionary Tribunals and labor camps to punish speech and thought that he deemed Politically Incorrect. Standards of living declined causing the best educated and most enterprising in Cuba to flee to America.

We can go on: Chile, Ethiopia, Cambodia, and Venezuela. The result is always the same. Socialism is self-destructive. It always devolves into tyranny, and a Socialist president like Bernie Sanders would mean the same for America.