Has the CDC Whistleblower Been Given Immunity to Speak About Vaccines?

A whistleblower scientist with the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reportedly been granted immunity and may possibly speak before Congress regarding a connection between Autism and vaccines.

The Daily Caller has reported that Dr. William Thompson has been granted immunity by the Obama Administration following the revelation that he was involved in “fudging numbers” in a study related to vaccinations and Autism. Dr. Thompson would later release a statement through his lawyers stating that he had handed related documents to Congressman William Posey’s office.

According to the Daily Caller:

“The Obama administration has granted whistleblower immunity to a federal government scientist that claimed he intentionally omitted information in a study that could have shown a race-based link between vaccines and childhood diseases including autism.

“A whistleblower came to our office, Dr. William Thompson. He came forward with documents, saying that at CDC he had manipulated one of the studies he was an author on to get a desired outcome,” Posey spokesman George Cecala told TheDC. “The study has relation to vaccines and their relationship to autism.”

Posey staffer Anna Schartner said they reviewed Thompson’s statements and documents carefully.

“We’re working with the Science Committee to get a hearing,” Anna said. “What we’re talking about is integrity within an agency. It’s rightfully under the purview of the Science Committee.”

The DC goes on to say that Congressman Posey supports the use of vaccinations for children, however, “parents should have all the information they need.” Posey serves on the Committee on Science, Space and Technology. 

Ben Swann.com spoke with members of The Canary Party regarding the report  by the DC. The Canary Party stated that “there are suspicions about the source of this report.” As of the publishing of this article the DC remains the only source of the alleged immunity.

Dr. Thompson first made headlines when he spoke about a study he was involved with that deliberately omitted important information on the link between vaccines and autism. Thompson has been a scientist with the CDC since 1998.  

He has stated that he and other co-authors of a 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics omitted data demonstrating a connection between an increased risk of autism in African American males who were given the MMR vaccine before 36 months of age.  Thompson believes vaccines have saved and continue to save lives but says that the CDC has been hiding controversial data. 

With vaccine safety and pressure to force parents to vaccinate in the news, the revelations regarding Dr. Thompson are sure to fuel even more contentious debate.

Failures of Vaccine Court

A recent report by the Associated Press has found that thousands of families with claims with a special vaccine court are left to wait for years, sometimes decades before receiving help. The court is designed to provide compensation for families when vaccines are suspected in causing harm to patients.

The AP examined hundreds of court decisions, performed more than 100 interviews, and studied a database containing more than 14,500 cases. The database was last updated in January 2013 with the government refusing to release any new updates.

The AP investigation found several issues with the court. These include tens of millions of taxpayer dollars that has been paid to private attorneys who often practice “churning”, a practice described as filing a large number of claims regardless of the quality of the claims. In the private court attorneys are paid out whether or not they succeed in convincing the court. That fact has lead to questionable billing practices and an increase in court claims.

The AP report also found that “expert” witnesses for the families and the government often have a lack of credibility or conflicts of interest. The report says that some of the experts are also involved in setting up nonprofits that question vaccine safety. Meanwhile doctors hired by the government to testify in defense of vaccines have ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

Another complaint involving the system is the lack of publicity it receives. The court purposefully spends very little of its budget on promotional campaigns, fearing that admission of harm from vaccines would lead to a decrease in vaccinations. The AP alleges that the court has “a burden of proof more easily met than civil lawsuits.” The report highlights efforts by government doctors to deny 1,600 families more than $1.1 billion in cash from 1998 to 2012.

Ben Swann recently reported on the vaccine court.