Help Us Shape Season Two of the Truth In Media Project

In the Spring of 2013, I launched the Truth in Media Project. The goal was to create video news segments that would be fearless and talk about issues that Mainstream Media just won’t touch. We did exactly that! From covering the Rethink 9-11 campaign which garnered over 300,000 video views online to “What the Media Isn’t Telling You About The Syria Civil War” episode which also exceeded over 250,000 views, we were able to communicate important stories.

In the 12 episodes that made up season 1, we were willing to confront important issues like vaccine court, the NSA and the Federal Reserve Bank system. But we were only able to do so because of the generous backing of grassroots viewers. Thank You!

In 2014, I am ready to take the Truth in Media project to a new level. This season, we are changing our format a little bit and want to be more investigative, finding humanity in our stories. I have big plans for what we will take on this time around… and once again I need you to partner with me to make it happen.

Please, take this survey and help to shape Season 2 of the Truth in Media Project!