Hillary Clinton Condemns Soaring Student Debt During $225K University Speech

Las Vegas, NV- Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave the keynote speech for the University of Nevada Las Vegas at the college’s annual UNLV Foundation Dinner Monday night. Both the speech and following moderated discussion were closed to most media without prior approval, but conservative political organization America Rising PAC recorded a short clip of Clinton criticizing mounting student debt.

Clinton’s appearance has been under scrutiny from UNLV students who are frustrated by the university’s rising tuition rates and Clinton’s $225,000 fee for speaking at the dinner.

The speaking fee was not collected by Clinton herself, but paid to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation. The fee was paid for by a private donor; UNLV students speculated that sum of money could be better spent if directly given to the university.

According to NBC Las Vegas, Clinton’s speaking fee rivaled the amount that was donated at the UNLV Foundation Dinner. About $235,000 was reportedly collected from donors at the dinner.

The UNLV’s Board of Regents voted in June of this year to raise undergraduate tuition costs by 17% over the next four years. The vote was met with objection from students who pointed out that tuition costs have nearly tripled over the last ten years and that the costs are rising faster than the rate of inflation. UNLV students later requested that Clinton donate the money back to the UNLV Foundation, which provides scholarships to students.