Jason Stapleton: How Big a Threat is ISIS

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They used to be called Al Qaeda in Iraq. Then they were ISIL. Now they’re called ISIS or simply the “Islamic State” We are told they are a direct threat to our “interests” even to our own liberty here in America. But how big a threat are¬†they?

Today on the show I lay out in clear detail who and what we are really dealing with. The truth will likely shock you.

To often our government uses fear tactics to push us into conflicts where we have no clear objective and where no clear threat to American liberty is present. Decide for yourself the motive behind these tactics but to deny their existance is boarderline insanity.

When we learn to question authority, when we learn to be sceptical of power, when we shed the sense of nationalism that blinds us to our own governements lies and deceptions we free ourselves to be objective. That, is what I tried to do today.