Will Huckabee Be The Only Anti-ObamaTrade Presidential Candidate?

Mike Huckabee, former Republican governor of Arkansas, is jumping into a crowded race for President. Though Huckabee has been criticized for his fiscal liberalism and social conservatism, he should be given his credit for speaking openly against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) a.k.a “ObamaTrade.”

“If it’s not fair trade,” Huckabee said, “it’s not free trade.”

Apparently Huckabee is the only Republican who understands the TPP and the dangers of giving President Obama fast track authority.

Curtis Ellis, who spoke with BenSwann.com’s Joshua Cook earlier this year and explained how dangerous the Trans-Pacific Partnership actually is.

“‘Obamatrade’ is the name we’ve given to the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which is one of the so-called free trade agreements the Obama folks have been negotiating on their own, in secret, without consulting Congress for the past six years,” Ellis explained.

“What this fast track trade promotion authority does is it turns the Constitution on its head where you’ve got the President writing this massive agreement that affects our entire economy. And he writes it and all Congress can do is vote it up or down. They can’t amend it. They can’t do their due diligence and do the deliberation necessary.”

While Speaker of the House John Boehner (R) is urging Hillary Clinton to support the TPP, Huckabee is the only vocal Republican to say what it really is: a globalist and corporatist takeover.

“We have a lot of globalists and frankly corporatists instead of having nationalists who put forward the best interests of the United States and working families,” Huckabee said.

Joshua Cook Interviews ObamaTrade.com’s Curtis Ellis On TPP Fast Track Aka Obama Trade. Listen here.

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