It’s official: Kentucky legislators move to clarify law so Rand Paul can run for President and Senate in 2016

FRANKFORT, March 13, 2014– Kentucky lawmakers are moving to change state law, which could prohibit a federal candidate from appearing on the same ballot twice in a general election. Primary elections appear to be excluded from the current state law, so much ambiguity has surrounded US Senator Rand Paul’s (R) options.

“What this simply does is clarifies that when you have a candidate in the federal delegation who is either seeking the presidency or is chosen to run for the vice presidential seat, that person can also run at the same time for their seat in the United States Senate or the United States Congress,” Sen. Damon Thayer said of his revised bill in an interview with

One Democrat, State Sen. Morgan McGarvey (Louisville), joined Republicans on the Senate State and Local Government Committee in voting to send the proposal to the full Senate for a vote. “One thing about this bill that I think is important to point out is it only allows federal officeholders in Kentucky to run for president or vice president,” said McGarvey.

Holding a majority, House Democrats have promised to block the bill.

Paul and his allies continue to cite that Kentucky’s existing law wouldn’t stop him from running for both offices because U.S. Supreme Court precedent dictates that federal law supersedes state law with regards to federal elections.

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