Jason Stapleton Explains the Hillary Scandal

Is Hillary Clinton guilty of lying to Congress and conspiring with some of its members to secretly sell weapons to Libyan and Syrian forces? Were those same weapons used to attack and kill our ambassador and 3 other Americans during the assault on Benghazi?

Until today, most of it was wild speculation. But Judge Andrew Napolitano says he now has proof “to a moral certainty” that proves just that.

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Licensed arms dealer Marc Turi has released emails proving that Mrs. Clinton, as well as a host of high ranking diplomats and members of Congress, conspired to ship guns to rebels in Libya and Syria without the approval of Congress and unbeknownst to the State Department.

According to Judge Napolitano, Hillary “ran a secret state department within the state department.”

If the Judge is correct Hillary Clinton has committed multiple felonies should face the music. Is there truly justice for the politically protected? Time will tell.

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