Jeffrey Tucker on American History, Trump, Sanders, and Liberty

Truth In Media’s Joshua Cook interviewed’s Jeffrey Tucker about a variety of issues including presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, economics, and more.

“What you’ve got going on here in this election season is people are really digging deep into this sort of muck of our history to find some of the worst that the 20th century offered,” said Tucker. Tucker noted that following the Great Depression, “everyone was convinced that freedom had failed.”

Cook asked Tucker where liberty activists can be the most effective.

“The first thing I would say is get rid of your illusions about politics. Anybody who thinks that politics is going to save the world will be disappointed. We will not get our rights when the government gives them to us,” said Tucker.

“The way is to start focusing on finding ways in your own life to live a freer life,” Tucker added.

Watch and listen to the interview in the video above.

Jeffrey Tucker is a distinguished fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education.