“Liberal” Millennials Are Actually Libertarian?

According to a recently Reason-Rupe survey, the majority of millennials, 53 percent, said they’d support a candidate who described him or herself as socially liberal and economically conservative. Sixteen percent were unsure, and 31 percent said they’d oppose such a candidate.

“Liberal, to many Millennials (33 percent), just means belief in ‘social tolerance, openness, and personal freedom.’ And far from preferring a leviathan state, many Millennials said they were liberal because people should have freedom to do what they want in their personal lives without government interference,” wrote Cathy Reisenwitz on Townhall.com.

A classically Libertarian-leaning candidate would receive more support from liberal Millennials than from conservative ones. According to the survey results, nearly half of conservative Millennials oppose a “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” candidate.


“The personal freedoms we Millennials want in no way violate small-government principles. In fact, they are full expressions of that idea that that government which governs least, governs best. Ending the War on Drugs, fixing our broken immigration system, no longer allowing the state to discriminate against gays in marriage, reining in domestic spying and protecting whistleblowers are all, fundamentally, small-government positions which would all result in a net decrease in the state,” wrote Reisenwitz.

According to Reisenwitz, the GOP should embrace the Millennials perspective to stay current and relevant.

“Nominating truly small-government politicians, who want the government out of the bedroom and the boardroom, isn’t just the only principled path forward for the GOP. It’s also the best way to attract my generation to the party,” she continued.

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