LIVE UPDATE: FBI Conducting Siege of Oregon Wildlife Refuge

The FBI has stated as of 8:40 PM PST that they will not make any aggressive moves toward the four remaining protesters tonight and they will allow Rev. Franklin Graham and Nevada State Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore to negotiate the surrender tomorrow at 8:00 AM.

Update 2/11 9:28 am est: Oregon Standoff: Cliven Bundy Arrested, Occupiers Say They Will Leave Refuge

Update 2/11 2:24 pm est: All occupiers have surrendered.

This is a live stream from inside the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon. According to those on the phone, 28,000 people are listening. The FBI is reportedly refusing to talk to Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore who is attempting to resolve this without bloodshed.  Fiore claims she just landed at the Portland airport and is on her way to Burns Oregon to act as a negotiator for those inside the facility.

FBI has surrounded the facility and is reportedly less than 50 yards from the door.  They were at one point speaking over loudspeakers.

Rev. Franklin Graham, who was supposed to arrive tomorrow to negotiate surrender has reportedly called in to the line.  Rev. Graham says that he has been told that he will be allowed to walk those armed protesters out Thursday morning at 7:00 A.M.

Voices on the phone say that the FBI agents on the ground are saying that no one will be allowed on the refuge until after the surrender.