Matt Drudge: ‘America Has Been Arming ISIS’

Influential conservative news aggregator Matt Drudge issued a tweet on Tuesday acknowledging the growing body of evidence that suggests that the U.S. has participated in arming the terror group ISIS.

The Politistick’s Jennifer Burke described Drudge as “pretty much reclusive these days” and noted that “he doesn’t tweet from his personal, and verified, Twitter account often. In fact, he at times tweets something, then eventually deletes it.

The above-embedded tweet is as of press time the only one on Drudge’s entire Twitter page.

Drudge’s realization follows nearly two years of Truth in Media coverage of how U.S. foreign policy is enabling terrorism in Syria and Iraq and has led to the rise of ISIS.

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In September of 2013, Ben Swann reported on how U.S. efforts to arm radical Islamist rebel groups against secular Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad were empowering extremists who were planning to create what he described at the time as an “al-Qaeda ‘super state,’ comprised of Iraq and Syria.

After those same rebels went on later to predictably form the radical Islamist super state ISIS and began capturing territory in Syria and Iraq, Ben Swann released another report describing how U.S. foreign policy contributed to the rise of the terror group.

Last week, Ben Swann reported in a CBS 46 Atlanta Reality Check video, seen below, on a leaked 2012 Department of Defense document that shows that “the United States, the Saudis, Jordan, Qatar and more, wanted a Salafist or fundamental Islamic group to take over eastern Syria in order to isolate and overthrow the Syrian President Assad’s regime.

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The leaked DOD report demonstrates that the United States government intentionally supported the rise of ISIS in Syria in an effort to achieve its yet-unrealized goal of overthrowing Assad’s government.