McCain-Backed Plan Could Give Terrorists shoulder-fired missiles


According to John McCain, powerful weapons getting into the wrong hands is worth the risk to oust Syria’s President Bashar al Assad.

With blood on McCain’s hands, those same weapons could bring more terror attacks if those wrong hands are members of Al Qaeda. McCain says he is perfectly fine with taking that risk.

Award-winning journalist Ben Swann has reported extensively that the largest groups fighting to overthrow Assad are Jihadists.

Al-Nusra Front is the largest group, which is the Syrian wing of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

So is McCain ok with these stinger missiles falling in the hands of Al Qaeda? Apparently so.

According to Time, the Obama White House is weighing the options of sending surface-to-air missiles to Syria to help bring an end to the country’s long civil war.

The shoulder-fired missiles are capable of knocking a helicopter or low-flying plane out of the sky.

“The introduction of manpads could be a game changer in Syria, like it was in Afghanistan in the 1980s with Stinger missiles,” an Arab official told TIME, adding that he believed the Obama Administration had begun discussing the idea more seriously.

The addition of U.S. weapons could be an even huge game changer if those weapons got into the wrong hands.

Time reported that Senior Administration officials worry that the weapons — known technically as man-portable air-defense systems, or manpads — could fall into the hands of terrorists intent on shooting down a civilian airliner. Syria’s rebel forces are now dominated by radical Islamists, some of whom recently overran headquarters used by a moderate faction and looted weapons stored there.

The potential of al-Qaeda is terrifying. Even former CIA director David Petraeus who called that scenario a “nightmare” in January.

A 2005 Rand Corp. study found that the shooting down of a civilian airliner might temporarily freeze air travel worldwide and produce total economic losses of more than $15 billion.

But McCain thinks our safety is worth the risk: “I want to shoot them down,” McCain said. “To stop these atrocities, I’m willing to take the risk of a manpad … falling into the wrong hands, because we’ve got to stop it.”

McCain is postulating a false idea that if Assad is ousted, all atrocities in Syria will end. Pulitzer Prize-winning Seymour Hersh said the Obama Administration cherry-picked intelligence to justify a war with Syria. In fact, the rebels may have launched the chemical attack last year that killed over a thousand civilians in Syria. Read more here.

So the premise that the U.S. should be involved in order to stop the violence is false.

According to the Time report, officials in Saudi Arabia are trying to broker this arms deal and “vet” which rebels would be allowed to use these lethal weapons. It’s ironic that Saudi Arabia is trusted to do this while they remain the leading financial source for terrorism world wide.

As previously reported by, a leaked diplomatic cable from then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated, “Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support for al-Qa’ida, the Taliban, LeT [Lashkar-e-Taiba in Pakistan] and other terrorist groups.”

So while American soldiers are fighting terrorists in Afghanistan, McCain is essentially arming the terrorists in Syria.

It’s very troubling that McCain would make such a irresponsible claim. What is more troubling, is the fact the U.S. continues to  repeat the same failed foreign policies and expect different results-it’s insanity!