Media Attacks Ron Paul For Supporting Homeschooling

Many parents, fed up with the government “Common Core” standards for public schools, are now turning to homeschooling.

Ron Paul has been a longtime supporter of homeschooling. In fact, he created a his own curriculum to help parents effectively homeschool.

Dr. Paul recently wrote a book called The School Revolution, which gives parents tip on how to best teach their children about American liberty. Paul recently went on MSNBC to discuss the new book, when he was attacked by a BBC reporter.

This reporter accused Paul of wanting all women to quit their jobs to homeschool their children.

Paul acknowledged that the burden of homeschooling often falls on women, and argued that the current economy deprives women of the choice to either stay at home with kids or work.

In the past week, the mainstream media has had a field day bashing Paul for his views on homeschooling.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran the headline “Ron Paul: more women should sacrifice career to homeschool kids.”

Part of the article reads, “America needs more home-schoolers, ladies. Yeah, you probably have a day job and can’t afford to take the time off to properly educate your offspring at home. But that’s just an excuse, you wimp. Even a woman working two jobs and living at a homeless shelter could find time to teach her child. Well, according to a twist of reality espoused by former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) anyway.”

It seems that Paul’s point has been taken out of context by the “mainstream” media.

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