Minimum Wage Survey Results

The results of the minimum wage survey are in and the results are overwhelming. The majority of readers think there should be no minimum wage.  64.78% say the minimum wage should be set to $0/hr with ‘stay the same as it currently is’ coming in second with 13.94%. The majority of those who commented “other” on the question stated that they believe the government should not have a role in setting the minimum wage.


min wage survey


When survey takers were asked to comment on the minimum wage the same trend was found.

One survey taker said:

“I employ 73 people in an Assisted Living Community. I don’t pay anyone the minimum wage they all make more than that. If we by law had to pay $10.00 + an hour it would only hurt the concumers of our service because we would have to charge more each month from our residents. We would just raise the cost of our products and services. That is what all companies will do, as well as let go off employees. That is the only way! Minimum wage jobs are not supposed to be a living wage, they are stepping stone jobs while going to school or learning new skills to move up a career ladder. It is assinine to think that we would be providing for kids while working at McDonald’s or Walmart for minimum wage. What happened to the American dream? Go get an education and a skill set people. I am the Administrator but I got 3 degrees and worked plenty of low pay jobs to ultimately get here. That is what I look for in people to they have aspirations and a goal? The Federal Government and all its entitled hand-outs and programs are crippling people of this country. Increasing minimum wages will only hurt the poorest in this country period!”


Another commented:

“Minimum wage does nothing but remove the bottom rung of the ladder to make it more difficult for poor people to climb out of poverty. Prices will rise to compensate for w/e min wage is enacted and we will all pay more for everything. Thus the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the elite increases with it.”

One business owner said a raise in the minimum wage would force them to close their business.

“As a small business owner, and increase in minimum wage will force me to close my doors.”

Some pointed to the Federal Reserve as the reason the minimum wage is an issue.

“Minimum wage has only become an issue because of the devaluation of the dollar by the Federal Reserve.Minimum wage has only become an issue because of the devaluation of the dollar by the Federal Reserve.”

Some did comment stating they would be happy to pay more for products if there was a minimum wage increase.

“I’d rather pay high prices for goods and services than have my taxes increased to support welfare for those that have jobs.”

“I believe minimum wage should of kept up with inflation. How else are regular citizens suppose to afford the things they need in life?”


What are your thoughts on the minimum wage?



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