Trey Brown

Mother Who Treated Son With Cannabis Rejects Plea Deal

Madison, MN- Angela Brown, a Minnesota mother charged with child endangerment for using medicinal cannabis oil to treat her son Trey’s pain stemming from a traumatic brain injury, appeared at Montevideo District on Monday and was offered a one-year stay of adjudication by the prosecution.

A stay of adjudication would mean that if Brown pleaded guilty, she would have no record of a conviction as long as she complied with the conditions of sentencing. Angela rejected the offer.

Defense attorney and cannabis law expert Michael Hughes said that Mrs. Brown is not guilty of child endangerment and they intend to challenge the charges. Hughes plans to file an “interest of justice” motion to dismiss the charges. Meanwhile, county family services have dropped their case against Mrs. Brown.

Three years ago Trey Brown suffered a blow to the head with a baseball, resulting in time spent in the hospital for a stroke and following coma. Angela treated Trey with medicinal cannabis after many unsuccessful attempts were made using other treatments to minimize the extreme pain Trey was experiencing. The story of Trey Brown’s injury and relief due to medicinal cannabis is one of many accounts illustrating the potential of marijuana oil and CBD oil, as documented by Ben Swann last month.

Minnesota has passed legislation to authorize the use of medical marijuana that will take effect July 2015.

Patrick McClellan of Minnesotans for Compassionate Care has requested that Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton to show support for Brown. Independent Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Hannah Nicollet also called on Dayton to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges.

The video below details what led the Brown family to use medical cannabis oil, and the legal troubles that ensued.