NC’s Walter Jones Endorses Rand Paul For President

North Carolina Representative Walter Jones announced that he is endorsing Kentucky Senator Rand Paul for President.

Appearing on NewsmaxTV, Jones said, “”He’s not talked to me and he doesn’t know it, but if he wants me, I’ll be out there pushing for him because I like his policy — not just on foreign policy, but how he thinks America should come back to its greatness.”

Jones explained that Rand Paul could help change the face of the Republican Party, which is largely becoming the party of war.

He added that the Afghanistan war is a waste of money that is have detrimental effects at home and abroad.

“”We’ve worn out our military, we’re trying to police the world. It makes no sense, and that’s just one reason, but not the only reason, why I like Sen. Rand Paul.”

Jones has long supported the release of the censored 28-page 9/11 report that could prove the Saudi Arabia had a hand in the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Rand Paul, according to Jones, has liberals scared: “”The liberals understand that a Rand Paul would be the type of person that could defeat Hillary Clinton, and the liberals are trying to tear him down right now as much as they can. Paul brings to the debate a different look at the future of America.”’s Joshua Cook interviewed Congressman Jones about the 28 classified pages in the 9/11 report.

Rep. Jones encouraged Sen. Rand Paul to offer up a companion resolution for H. Res. 428 and encouraged Paul to make releasing the 28-pages a campaign promise if he decides to run for President in 2016.

Listen to Joshua Cook’s entire interview with Congressman Walter Jones below: